Am I Being A Bad Parent?

Parents who behave badly? Yes, we have all seen but none of us want to be like them! Do you feel guilty about mis-educating your children?


You knew it from the first time you saw her pretty face: you would do anything for your child. Despite this deep love, children can suffer because of errors in their parents’ education. All dads and moms have already experienced these moments of doubt during which they wonder, “Does this make me a bad parent?

No parent is perfect but some are bad and some are frankly horrible. To be honest, some would even deserve to be arrested! If you are wondering what makes someone a bad parent, we have good (or bad) news for you:

These Are The Different types of education of children, different types of parents:

The Parents Are Nice All The Time


 Many parents see lax education as the hallmark of a free mind. It can be fun to behave from time to time, but not all the time. Children need limits, rules and restrictions. Parents who let their children do what they want do not do them any good. Lack of education can also occur by neglecting to go to the doctor or dentist for a check-up or by always having an empty refrigerator, for example.

 Another telling sign of this type of education for children is the total lack of routine, especially at bedtime. Some parents allow their children to lie down at the time they want. Children need a lot of sleep to learn and work, but there are parents who have their children sleep only when they get tired. It’s a lazy education

Everyday Parents

Good.jpg Discipline is necessary but putting monumental spanking or screaming at children so hard that neighbors call police are signs of a bad education. When you punish them too much, your children learn to lie or become fearful.

Insults can be just as painful. Never tell a child that he is stupid or any other insult, and keep a calm voice. If you scream all the time, your child will eventually completely filter your voice until you no longer hear it, like the parasitic noises of a television without signal.

Discipline must be based on parental goals. The aim is to teach children self-discipline through a certain pedagogy. Discipline should not be a punishment but should be a form of help that teaches children to better control themselves.

The distracted parents

Badparent1111Parents who are constantly glued to their electronic devices often have children who behave badly to try to attract their attention. Some mothers will say “Yes, but it teaches my child to fend for himself,” but this is not always the case. The distractions that keep you away from your child are not good. Obviously, you also have needs, but children need to know that they are important. It is therefore recommended to turn off phones during meals! This is just civility …

And then there’s …

cinemafamilyWho has never seen parents who bring their children to the cinema, see a film for adults, or go to a bar in the evening with their childhood friends .. and children? There are places where children simply do not have to go and parenting practices to simply not have.

You are a role model for your child. Therefore, spending time at the bar will teach him to go to the bar. If you constantly pass your needs ahead of those of your children, it is a bad education. If you are wondering if you are a bad parent, ask yourself if this or that action is in your own best interest or in the best interests of your child. This also applies to alcohol and drug use.

Some parents think that drinking alcohol or smoking grass to their children is cute, but they are mistaken. It is a misconception to think that drinking alcohol at home children will not make them want to drink elsewhere. Other behaviors of bad parents? Leave young children alone at home or publish compromising photos online where they appear.

Even good parents sometimes make bad decisions. Love is perhaps not stronger than anything but it is stronger than many things! Having good attentions, a good method of instruction, and acknowledging his mistakes in education is already a half victory.

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